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Back in our childhood there were only few things that were important to us and one of them was watching our favorite show Pokemon. We grew up with pokemons, we collected merchandise, pokeballs, stuff toys of pokemon. Years passed after and we still have fantasies for them, we still have a soft corner in our hearts for pokemons. In the past few years many games, and stuff have come for pokemon and there is a constant buzz and demand for them. Many people now find Misty and Jessie way too sexy and they have their own wild fantasies for them. Many people have played pokemon games but now we bring you the best pokemon parody game with a adult version. There is a constant buzz on the internet for this adult game. We have created this game to cool down the wild fantasies for our favorite show. The game is very simple to play but yet erotic.

We have created a adult version of the game and it is called Pokemon Cum. The game is absolutely free to play and can be played on any device whether it is a phone, tablet or laptop. No Download is required to play the game. It runs smoothly on every platform.

Now what are you waiting for go ahead and play your favorite game and live your wild childhood fantasies. You can catch pokemons at different levels, you can also have sex with your favorite character. Fuck with Misty, Jessie and more. At different levels you will get to fuck different avatars of the characters. Have fun playing. Good Luck with your levels.

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